Sunday, December 18, 2005


Nomar decided to stay close to home (he owns 2 houses in SoCal) by agreeing to a one-year deal with the Dodgers. It seems that the other teams were probably in the same ballpark financially, but Nomar decided to stay where he's close to home. Good luck Mr. Hamm.

First Giles, then Hoffman, now Nomar. Have these people never seen the North Coast? Wait, don't answer that question.

With Garciaparra off the table, expect the Tribe to turn their attention to Preston Wilson and Reggie Sanders to fill their hole in RF and for a RH bat in the lineup. Also, with Nomar off the table, you have to think that Shapiro is burning up the phones (or e-mail, or whatever) looking at trade scenarios.

The RF/1B still could come via a trade, with Riske, Phillips, Broussard, and minor league pitchers being offered; but, as I've said before, you have to give up value to get value in return. A team isn't going to part with an established bat, just to get a shot at resurrecting B-Phil's stalled career, or at the prospect of adding Riske to their bullpen at $2M-$3M a year (which he'll probably command in arbitration).

That's why Coco's name keeps coming up in these trade talks. The Red Sox, Yankees, Braves, and Diamonbacks have all reportedly asked about Coco to solve their CF/Leadoff problems. Those teams see Grady entrenched in CF in Cleveland and think that Coco is miscast as a LF and may be available.

While he is miscast as a LF, there is no viable alternative to him there. The prospects (Gutierrez, Snyder, and even Francisco) aren't ready yet and the FA route often results in high risk, low return type players (Hidalgo, Rondell White, etc.).

I think that Shapiro would love to move Coco to fill some holes as his value will probably never be higher (Ed. note - I have always viewed Coco as a glorified 4th outfielder), but his hands are tied because there's nobody ready to step in.

On the rotation front, Scott Elarton signed a 2-year deal with the Royals. I wish Elarton the best as he really was a nice component of the rotation for 2 years and earned that payday. From the Tribe's perspective, though, couldn't you get Elarton's numbers from Carmona or Sowers at a lower price and aid in the development of a top prospect?

Personally, I'm excited at seeing a battle in Spring Training for the 5th spot. If these minor-league arms are as talented as we've heard, why wouldn't you elevate them to the Majors? To get a higher spot in Baseball America's ranking?

Rudy Seanez also signed with the Red Sox, taking a potential set-up guy off the board. Julian Tavarez is still out there, but he's looking for a 3-year deal. I think that the Indians can wait on this one until the price (and years) comes down a little bit.

But what's the deal with all of these old Indians' prospects being talked about as potential solutions? Maybe we should see if Luis Medina could fill the hole at 1B, or if Beau Allred might be able to patrol RF this season.

I think this week leading up to Christmas could be a busy one, so stay tuned.


Rockdawg said...

I don't think losing out to Nomahhhhhh is that big of a deal at all. He's injury plagued, has never played the outfield, and he's a decent hitter. I don't like the constant talk of getting rid of Coco, as if he's not a contributer to the team. Coco has been solid for a while now, and I think it's time that we except him as part of the Indians, not just a "fill in", until we can find something better. Granted, he doesn't have the best power numbers or arm for his position, but we can't have it all.

It was nice to see (or more acurately, read about) the Lebron's beating the Shaq's last night. I also caught Michael Smith's article on, calling for the Browns to beat the Steelers on New Years Eve, and citing all the improvements that Browns have made, despite the usual 1st round pick going down for the year.

Baltimoran said...

a healthy nomar is better than a "decent" hitter

i'm changing my tune on the browns, i was hoping they would lose out to get a better pick but i want frye to see some wins so i'll give up the high draft torn acl for some confidence and hope for us fans.

12-19 against Riley's heat is phenomenal

Cy Slapnicka said...

For those of you on the Tribe mailing list for news from the Indians website, I'm sure you were just as excited as me of the latest news....."TRIBE SIGNS DANNY GRAVES AND STEVE KARSAY"

A little hint for the folks running this mailing list. Pre-sale tickets are newsworthy. 20% off at the store is newsworthy. Hell, free shipping is noteworthy. Signing two washed up relievers to minor league contracts is NOT newsworthy.

Btw, if you read the article, its sickening how much these two made last year.