Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tomahawk Time

Still nothing from Tribe offices, though there has been some movement that could affect the Indians' plans:

  • Reggie Sanders, a target for RF, has reportedly signed a 2 year deal with the Royals worth about $10M. The second year probably scared the Tribe off and rightly so, seeing as how Sanders is 37.
  • Jacque Jones went to the Cubs and, while he wasn't a target of the Tribe, forced the Twins to take a chance on Rondell White as his replacement. Both players probably on the periphery of potential Tribe OFs. Thank goodness the Tribe didn't get in on either one of these guys, particluarly the erratic White. The fact that the Twins added him as their "big bat" makes me feel even better that the Twins' window may be coming closer to closing.
  • Johnny Damon signed a 4 year, $52M deal with the Evil Empire, giving them an All-Star at every position with questionable starting pitching. How many rings did that strategy net for the Tribe in the '90s?
The bigger part of Damon signing is the fact that Red Sox Nation is up in arms, reeling, and searching for a CF/Leadoff Hitter. The options (as proposed by the Boston Media) boil down to Coco, Jeremy Reed, Dave Roberts, and Corey Patterson. Whose name looks the best on that list?

That's why the Indians are in a position commonly referred to (particularly by John Goodman's character in all-time fave Raising Arizona) as "sitting in the fabled catbird's seat".

The Red Sox know that they have to make a move or risk a huge PR disaster (which sometimes seems to be their main concern). The Indians can sit and demand any combination of players that they want. If the Red Sox comply, great. If not, fine; we'll go into next season with Coco.

Shapiro is really in a great spot here, where he's able to call the shots and can make a ridiculous demand and see how its received. He can ask about Andy Marte and Matt Clement and Bronson Arroyo and Guillermo Mota and see what sticks.

What the Red Sox have done is a classic Butch Davis move. They've underestimated their own players, then panicking when they lose them, they're forced to reach or overpay for a replacement. Does anyone remember the drafting of Jeff Faine to replace Dave Wohlabaugh or Ryan Pontbriand (the famous 5th round Long Snapper) to repalce Ryan Kuehl? It just so happens that Cleveland could be on the receiving end of the windfall, rather than in our usual position, holding the short end of the stick.

Whether Coco gets traded or not, I put trust in Shapiro to make (or not make) the move that is going to benefit the team, not only in 2006 but beyond. Remeber that Preston Wilson, Juan Encarnacion, and the possibility of making a trade not involving Coco are still very real possibilities.

Nothing's happened yet, though, and the deadline of Christmas (that Shapiro mentioned numerous times in interviews) is quickly approaching.

Personally, I'll be celebrating Christmas in Milwaukee which (while it is no Christmas in Hollis) always turns into a fantastic time as the in-laws and siblings-in-law always keep the High Life cold.

Merry Christmas to All!


t-bone said...

from page2's daily quickie

More MLB Hot Stove: The Rangers are hot for Kevin Millwood and are reportedly ready to offer him a 3Y/$30+M deal. Where is Boston on this?

t-bone said...

Mr Pluto is the voice of reason yet again.

t-bone said...

Diaz again on Tribe's plate
Indians invite their ex-catcher to Spring Training
By Justice B. Hill /

CLEVELAND -- The Indians have extended catcher Einar Diaz a non-roster invitation to their Spring Training camp, team officials announced Friday.

t-bone said...

Report: Cards, Encarnacion agree to three-year deal news services

The St. Louis Cardinals reportedly have settled on who will replace the retired Larry Walker in right field.

Juan Encarnacion has agreed to a three-year, $15 million deal with St. Louis, reported Friday.

t-bone said...

Prelude to a Crisp?
Dec 24 - The Indians are closing in on a deal that would send outfielder Ryan Langerhans from Atlanta to Cleveland, the Providence Journal reported.
With an acquisition of Langerhans, that would free up the Indians to make a deal involving Coco Crisp.

The Red Sox would be suitors for Crisp and it's likely the Indians would ask for prospect Andy Marte in return, the paper reported.

t-bone said...

12/26/2005 12:45 PM ET
Indians add Johnson to staff
By Anthony Castrovince /

CLEVELAND -- The Tribe's 2006 rotation is set, with Kevin Millwood officially out of the picture and Jason Johnson coming aboard.
The Indians signed Johnson, who spent the past two seasons with the Tigers, to a one-year contract with a mutual option for 2007. Financial terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed.

With the signing of the 32-year-old Johnson, the Indians have cut off talks with Millwood and his agent, Scott Boras, about re-signing with the club.

Cy Slapnicka said...

i personally love what the yankees are doing. at some point, all this excessive spending on bats will bring that organization to its knees. they do not have unlimited resources, no team has unlimited resources. just as commmunism was brought to its knees to end the cold war, a similar fate awaits the evil empire.

t-bone said...

from buster olney's blog...

• The Blue Jays added the big-time power hitter they needed in Troy Glaus, and now it figures that they will turn around and deal Shea Hillenbrand; Cleveland is absolutely a perfect place for him to land, because the Indians are looking for a right-handed hitting first baseman. The move gives Toronto the power hitter it needs, and although there is still time for other teams to make moves, you could make a strong case that on paper, the Blue Jays are the second-best team in the AL East right now -- with Roy Halladay, Gustavo Chacin, Ted Lilly and A.J. Burnett in their rotation, B.J. Ryan serving as the closer, and a good if not dynamic offense. Boston figures to fire some bullets in the days ahead, of course.