Monday, December 19, 2005

Paging Derek Lilliquist

Some small signings, with the Tribe giving Danny Graves and Steve Karsay minor league deals. Continuing the trend of looking at former Indians, the Tribe gave the two relievers (who were at one time elite bullpen arms) a shot at the big-league roster. Reportedly, Ernie Camacho and Jaime Easterly were next on the list to gauge interest.

Seriously, on Graves and Karsay, it's a small risk move for the Indians, adding neither to the 40-man until they see what kind of shape their arms are in. Like most signings, this could be a windfall (best case scenario: see Howry and Sauerbeck) or inconsequential (worst case scenario: see Bere and Gonzalez).

Both reclamation projects (let's call them what they are) are intriguing, but I think that Graves is moreso. Karsay has only pitched 20 some games in the past 3 years and has always been on the fragile side. Graves, on the other hand, got a raw deal in Cincinnati, who rode him out of town on a rail after he made an obscene gesture to a fan. At the time, Graves was struggling, and admittedly so; but, he said publicly that he had not fully recovered from a 2003 arm surgery. After being cut by the Reds, the Mets picked him up; Graves, however, had little success after the change of address.

On a side note, remember when people wanted to trade some prospects for Graves last season? That would have been a waste.

Graves might be the kind of player who, given a comfortable situation without a lot of pressure, could thrive and force himself into the 2006 bullpen situation. Or, his arm could go John Smiley (OK, that was mean) and never be heard from again.

Regardless, it's not costing the Tribe much to find out.

And, for those of you who will take me to task for saying that a big signing/trade could be coming before Christmas - this DOES NOT qualify as that move.


ploni said...

Wasn't Karsay invited to spring training last year where he failed to find his groove and finally called it quits and retired?

t-bone said...

Nope. Karsay has been under contract with the Yanks since 2002 or so? Can't think of who you may be thinking of though.

t-bone said...

AH, you're thinking of Paul Shuey

Paul Cousineau said...

That's true about Shuey and Karsay - 2 relievers who have never spent a full season with no DL time logged.

I think that Rocky B-Court will never get through a year healthy either, but never to the extent of a Shuey or Karsay.

Rockdawg said...

Still waiting for that big move Tabler...I trust the braintrust, but I am getting very antsy. I look through the Charlotte observer everyday for signings and never seee jack about the Tribe.

On another note, can anyone remember an NFL season that had worse Monday Night games than this year....Usually, I try to stay awake, and fall asleep some time during the late 3rd quarter. This year, I don't even turn on half the games.

All I want for Christmas is a Browns pummeling of the Steelers!!