Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm Disappointed!

Trying to put into words the last couple of nights as a Cleveland sports fan, I decided that Otto from "A Fish Called Wanda" goes through the proper series of feelings in the clip here.

The part that I refer to is his opening the safe and finding it empty.
He is:
1) shocked and coming to grips with what just transpired
2) angry but trying to keep his emotions in check
3) out of his mind upset (with a nice little car kick)
4) calmed down by the voice of reason
5) acting erratically while trying to wrap his head around what just happened

After getting swept by the Spurs (a better team for sure...but a sweep?) and losing to the Braves when a win was in their grasp (throw in the fact that we were on the receiving end of the Wicky tightrope save), I think that Otto has it pretty much nailed.

By the way, watch the whole 5:38 clip if you've forgotton how great Kevin Kline is in his Oscar-winning performance.

Moving on, a day game today as MLB and FOX have decided that the Tribe-Braves game is worthy of Saturday baseball, for 26% of the country.

Tomorrow, a little bit about the debacle that is Saturday baseball and how MLB and FOX have ruined that once sacred part of the season for a generation of fans.


t-bone said...

Had the luxury of sitting in the Miller Lite suite, who had some gimmick going for the game where someone in the two Miller suites would win $10k if there was a Tribe grand slam in the 5th. No grand slam occurred, but it got yours truely about 10-15 seconds on the jumbotron in the middle of the 5th. Man, I need to lay off the cheeseburgers.

Anyone else notice that the only two guys who got on were post-Wickman (Barfield, Delucci), while good ol' Bob had no trouble whatsoever getting former teammates Garko, Sizemore and Blake. Dare I say he made them look like amateurs.

t-bone said...

Just found this on Deadspin...