Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lazy #*!@$ Sunday

After losing two of the three to the Nationals (THE NATIONALS!), just a quick Lazy Sunday as I have to try to wrap my head around what has happened to the Indians’ offense:

Terry Pluto examines the bullpen, and how the Tribe is still in search of that second arm to set-up JoeBo.

Perhaps the answer to Terry Pluto’s question is contained in this piece from the Buffalo News, which mentions that Atom Miller will begin to see some work out of the Bisons’ bullpen.

Paul Hoynes pulls the old “Hindsight is 20/20” story with Jeremy Guthrie, who has found success in Baltimore. Nowhere in the article does the word “Leo” or “Mazzone” appear, nor does it list the pitchers that Mazzone has helped to become effective under his tutelage in Atlanta and Baltimore when they appeared to be lost causes otherwise.

Sheldon Ocker thinks that C.C. should be a regular pinch hitter for the Tribe. Apparently, Ocker thinks enough of the topic to devote the one column he gets a week to simply offer his opinion.
I’ve heard of out-of-the-box thinking, but this constitutes outside-of-the-zip-code-where-said-box-is-located thinking.

I suppose this downturn by the Indians could be worse…they could be the White Sox, now actively shopping Buehrle and Dye, among others.

Whether or not the South Siders slide offers any solace, it’s time for the Indians to take a good, long look at what’s happened to them since they swept Detroit in the Motor City. They’ve gone 12-14 since that high-water mark and have seen their offense drop to 9th in the AL in runs in June after being the highest scoring offense in the AL in May.

What will cure what is ailing the Indians’ struggling offense?

Who knows, but 4 games against the A’s and their pitching staff with an ERA of 3.33 doesn’t look to be a recipe for success.


woodsmeister said...

CC can't do much worse than Trot. He could probably run down more balls in right field, too. However, that being said, he's way too valuable as a pitcher to use in either of those circumstances.

Paul Cousineau said...

For the uninfromed, Mr. Woodsmeister has a site that is attempting to pull Pronk out of his doldrums.
Funny stuff.

Art McGregor said...

The Pronk site is absolutely hilarious.

What to do with Trot Nixon? Any way this guy is still with the club come July 31?

Kid Cleveland said...

I thought the same thing when I read Hoynsie's section about Guthrie & Mazzone...and the PD wonders why many consider the ABJ to have the better staff.

I am not bitter at all that he's pitching better. If he were still here he'd likely still be in AAA.

Like the site. Gonna add it to the 'roll.