Saturday, June 02, 2007

That Old Familiar Feeling

After spending the last two night immersed in the atmosphere at Jacobs Field, there is an announcement to be made:
The Magic’s Back.

Where did it go? When did it leave?
Not even important, because after watching Dellucci (of all people) knock in the Trotter for the winning run last night, it became fairly obvious that the Magic of Jacobs Field has returned to the days of the mid-90’s…and it’s done so with a vengeance.

The Indians were down by 4 runs three times (!) last night, yet simply put their collective head down, put their blinders on and kept going. The bullpen (Mastny, CaBBrera, and Fultz) did their best to sabotage the game, but the offense would have nothing of it. Behind Victor’s bombs and a balanced lineup (with some nice moves by Wedge to maximize match-ups), the Indians ran their home record to 19-4.

Let me throw that number in there again to let it sink in: 19-4.

That’s a .826 winning percentage at home almost 1/3 of the way through the season!
It’s the best home start by an Indians team in their 107-year history!

The Indians now sit 4 ½ games on top of the suddenly-toothless Tigers at the beginning of June with an opportunity to pad their lead even more as the series moves on.

Should be a great night downtown tonight:
Cavs’ game on big screens for free in the plaza between the Jake and the Q.

There will probably be about 75,000 to 100,000 people in downtown Cleveland tonight, so get down there early, Clevelanders.
This has the makings of something special.


Cy Slapnicka said...

how much of a jerk would i be if i skipped a wedding on the east side to spend this evening downtown? if the groom isn't a huge sports fan, do you think he'd even understand?

t-bone said...

heading down in less than two hours...

Unknown said...

Do we dare dream the impossible dream? 43 years without being champs of anything but indoor soccer, then possibly 2 championships in the same year? Stand tall Clevelanders, this foul year of our lord 2007, may finally allow us to stick our chests out and say “yes we are from the most broke ass city in the country, but we are champs” -- post script; If the Cavaliers do win the finals, lets try not to riot too badly, or set the river on fire. -sjv

Baltimoran said...

i remember complaining when i heard the cavs were interested in boobie with their first pick...shows how stupid i am. i don't care what anyone says, with the best player on the court the cavs have a solid chance, spurs are a way better matchup than suns or mavs. people who were downtown please give me an idea of how great it was

Rockdawg said...

Bachtel, the way it was described to me was like "a scene out of a movie...strangers hugging strangers and the like."