Friday, July 15, 2005

Squarely on These Shoulders

I'll be hitting the game tonight, then getting out of town. The next three days will be the real test of my 1-8 record (including 6 losses in a row).

I couldn't help but envision Soriano in the lineup last night as a WHOPPING 21,000 watched the 1-0 game with me. I would make the trade of Soriano for Brad Snyder and Andrew Brown in a heartbeat (mentioned in the comments by TB, straight off of the ESPN pay to read section). In fact, I'd give up A LOT more. Can he play RF? Who's the odd man out? Hernandez? Blake?

Actually, the 21,000+ crowd was the most into the game that I've seen this year (no wave, standing up for 3rd strikes, nice ovations to Millwood).

I'm in for retiring Olin's #31 jersey (again, see the comments if you're confused). Though I think that the current set-up probably makes more sense.

If they lose tonight, I may never go back to the Jake.

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Anonymous said...

i went to the jake expecting a good time tonight. i left shaking my head. that chisox team just does everything right.

i will go again tomorrow, and pray that PC is not there. actually, i will DEMAND that PC is not there!!!

sidebar: after the game we went to J&K's, a biker/karaoke bar at 104th and madison. my second trip there in a month. best. bar. ever.