Thursday, July 28, 2005

Worth a Read

Tom Reed wrote a good article about whether to be buyers or sellers (in the next few days, really) in the Akron Beacon Journal. Check it out.
Imagine that, a good columnist for the ABJ.

Meanwhile, Shaw and Livingston exchange snide comments, gumming up the left side of the PD and polluting the minds of Cleveland. Throw Roger Brown in and the PD has 3 of the worst regular contributors of any large city paper in the country.

Let's hope Clifton Phifer Lee can get the series off on the right foot tonight.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that the PD columnists might be the worst in the country. I live in LA, so I have to read on-line to catch up on Cleveland sports news. Shaw, Livingston and Brown are so worthless that I mostly stick to the blogs now. The worst part is when Shaw and Livingston try to be funny. My three-year-old son can write better jokes than those guys.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

o.k., Reed makes good points, don't trade Millwood unless you get a hitter who immediatly helps us and will next year too.

thank you PC for opening my eyes to the ABJ