Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lazy Sunday in The D

If golf is a good walk spoiled, I’m not sure how to feel about the trip I took to Detroit yesterday that was enjoyable…if you don’t count the actual game. Chatting up some Detroit fans in front of us during the game, we discussed with them which team was more disappointing, what has happened this year, and argued about which team’s bullpen would ultimately blow the game. Unfortunately, I “won” the last point of contention as Kobayashi surrendered the lead and Betancourt served up a pitch to Renteria that cleared the fence and wrecked what was a very winnable game.

Alas we trudged on through the night, hitting Chris Chelios’ bar after the game, where I had a chance encounter with the Stanley Cup as we traipsed in through the back door just as Chelios and some other guys that I assume to be Red Wings were walking to the outdoor area carrying The Cup. Intrigued by the presence of this enormous silver trophy, we followed the players out to the stage set up in the lot next to the bar and watched the Detroit faithful gleefully get covered by champagne as the players took turns chugging Bud Lights from The Cup. As the contingent moved inside, we were shocked to see Art from Everclear step up on stage and lead one of the best cover bands in recent memory as we shouted “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine” at the singer who was so obviously ignoring us. As it became apparent that Chelios’ bar was turning ugly quickly (it was about 7:30 at the time and the beers were going down fast), we hiked over to the Greektown neighborhood for some pizza at a place called Pizzapopolis (I think) and headed over to the casino to lose some money with some fellow Clevelanders (anything to help that Detroit economy). We ended the night listening to some music at the Old Shillelagh, having only defended the Indians, or Cleveland in general, a few choice times.

All in all, it was a good time…unless, as I said before, you consider the game.
But move on we will, with a Lazy Sunday a little later than normal as the cobwebs are still clearing:

Terry Pluto touches on the effect that the Westbrook injury (which I’ll touch on later this week) has on the Indians’ pitching situation as a whole, correctly asserting that the Indians’ pitching depth is being tested and figures to face more tests after the 2008 season.

Sheldon Ocker contributes an excellent article (shocker, I know…pun intended) that pleads for patience in terms of the “blow it up” talk that some people are intent on pushing.

In a similar vein, Jayson Stark shares his feelings on the AL Central, pointing out that up is down, down is up and the whole Central has baffled a good number of people who know quite a bit about baseball.

In case you missed it, the MLB draft took place this week and, since Mel Kiper had few thoughts when I contacted him for his thoughts, we’ll turn to the fellas at LGT, penned by site friend Tyler (goes by fleerdon there, Tyler here). It’s an easy-to-understand, even-handed analysis of an event that isn’t even close to many peoples’ radar highlighted by some terrific prose.

For perspective on the crapshoot that is the draft, Terry Pluto examines the draft for the AL Central teams from 1997-2005 with some interesting results that debunk the thought that anybody can judge these drafts accurately without the benefit of a crystal ball.

Lastly on the draft, anyone notice the Tribe’s 31st pick…Trevor Cousineau?!?
No relation…I think, and sadly it looks like he’s slated to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks next year, so the legitimate Indians' jersey with my last name on the back looks to remain a fantasy.

On the lighter side, there’s a guy in the Bay Area that mimics batting stances and has the likes of the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cardinals in his repertoire (available to be seen via YouTube). Anywho, site lurker Jon Leisinger (who is a fellow Wildcat…about 6 years after me) asked him to put the Indians on his radar and see how his powers of imitation stack up. As you can see here (as well as being able to view his other efforts on the sidebar)…yeah, he’s pretty good.
Thome and Kenny are my favorites.

Speaking of Kenny, reader Kenny Weinblatt spotted the reason that Hafner may be experiencing some weakness and general malaise. Kenny snapped the picture to the right in Israel (no joke, that’s where he keeps up on his Tribe) advertising the “House of Hafner Family of Wines”. So, if I have this right, Hafner is spending time overseeing a “Family of Wines” (it looks like the wine is made in Austria) and thinks he can still perform at 100% as a ballplayer?
Do you know what the time difference of owning a European company while keeping American hours alone would do to someone? By the way, I can’t get the image of Hafner stomping on grapes wearing some culottes out of my head after seeing this.

Finally, in a case of something I’ve never done here but feel that it represents a worthy cause, serial poster Cy Slapnicka asked if I would post a link for something very near and dear to his heart. With some secondhand experience of the horrors of ALS, I gladly oblige and provide the link to Mike (Cy)’s missive.


Cy Slapnicka said...

thanks for the link PC. I don't want to push this down anyone's throats, but I highly recommend the video linked at my site.

t-bone said...

Here you go...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Paul, though I need to defer most of those props to LGT poster gahnki, who did most of the substantive research and all of the non-Chisenhall picks. And did great.

Anyway, what's the ETA on Lonnie making the big-league roster? Like July, August at the latest?

Paul Cousineau said...

I have Lonnie taking Asdrubal's spot at 2B in early August after we blow this thing completely up...because the only two "untouchables" are Grady and Fausto.
Anyone else is fair game...right?
Isn't that the line of thinking going around town?

It was interesting, by the way, to read the Detroit Free Press on Sunday morning to see that most people in Detroit (at least the DFP writers and the people quoted in the paper) still think that the Tigers are firmly in this AL Central race, even with Bonderman done.

Les Savy Ferd said...

I think that is because Detroit sank to a deeper and scarier place faster than the Tribe. They probably worked all the gloom and doom out of their system, and anything positive that comes their way is pure gravy at this point. But what do i know really. Maybe the citizens of Motor City really are more upbeat than their Cleveland counterparts.

Also, and this has been sort of painful the past few times it has occurred, the Tribe are on prime time tonight, ESPN if I'm not mistaken. the match-up that had everyone salivating in Spring will now most likely provide ratings that will drive the final coffin nail in any future non-Red Sox/Mets/Yanks/Cubs nationally televised games.

Go Tribe!!!!

csusi said...

Asdrubal down/Barfield up.

I mean, ive been expecting it i guess. But that kind of came without warning.

By the way, something has to give with the white sox, right? Cause watching them wim is getting real old, especially as we lose and 1st place gets further away. Comfort me guys and tell me that the white sox wont hang on.

rodells said...

In other news...

Winslow is in Berea and Bentley is cleared for mini camp.

The Dallas game can't get here quick enough.

Back to the Tribe now....