Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lazy Sunday, Tailgate Edition

When CC was sent to Milwaukee, I didn’t think that meant he was taking Paul with him. Apparently it did, as PC is there yet AGAIN, leaving you to suffer with T-Bone for your Lazy Sunday Tailgate Edition.

As I post this at 7:19 a.m., I’m a few minutes away from heading down to “The Pit” for some Brownies opening week tailgate festivities. I do so hoping the Eaton HQ construction hasn’t taken up too much of The Pit, as was rumored at the Treehouse yesterday afternoon following some rec league coed touch football action. Yes, we’re tailgating at 8am for a 4:15pm start. Probably not the smartest idea, but what can you do?

Here’s your Lazy reading material, with no method to the madness…

In case you missed it, Reyes was pulled after three innings Friday night due to “right elbow soreness.” It’s not yet known if he’ll be back or shut down for the year. Scott Lewis could get a look as a result.

Mr. Pluto touches on Reyes possibly turning into our Guthrie and the BLC.

The worst kept secret in town made one step closer to being official, as the Tribe ended their 14-year relationship with Buffalo as their AAA club. Expect Columbus to be the official new home of our AAA operations by the end of the month.

The Lake County Captains will be moving from the South Atlantic League to the Midwest League in 2010 because it will just make more sense for them to be there.

And lastly in minor league news, the Tribe needed the Aeros to advance, so Pronk’s rehab assignment took him to Akron for the Eastern League playoffs. What does he do? Granny on Friday to lead the Aeros to a 6-2 win, then a two-run bomb Saturday in the series clincher against Bowie.

If I’m reading this right, if the Brewers do not make the playoffs, Milwaukee gets to decide the PTBNL in the CC trade???

Talk of going to a six-man staff for the rest of the year was put to rest when Aaron Laffey was shelved for the rest of the season with an “inflamed elbow.” Conspiracy theorists would suggest the FO wanted to make his MLB service time come to a screeching halt in order to delay his free agency by an offseason, as has been mentioned by Paul multiple times in the past few weeks.

SuperSizemore was named the team’s winner of the Clemente Award, which is awarded to a player on each MLB squad who displays not only mad skillz but also exceptional sportsmanship and community involvement. Go here to vote Grady the overall league winner. Look around on that vote and notice a few former Wahoos were also winners, even some guy in Cincinnati who seemed to show the exact opposite traits of the award while sporting a Tribe uni.

Over at The Cleveland Fan, John Hnat took the words right out of my mouth when it came to Bill Livingston somehow turning CC’s “thank you” to the fans into something bad.

Not to be outdone by Livingston, Bud Shaw feels that rather than let Cliff’s 20th get you all warm and fuzzy inside, he’d rather predict gloom and doom in 2011 and a big payday elsewhere.

In addition to win 20, Cliff also won the AL Pitcher of the Month, which he also won in April. Charlie Nagy also won it twice in 1996.

Jeff Passan thinks Cliff should make some room on his mantle for some hardware.

Westbrook surgery update, and no, not the Tommy John surgery, the HIP surgery.

Monday marks a sad day, as the BoSox will break the Jacobs Field sellout streak of 455.

The WWL’s Jonah Keri thinks the Tribe could play the role of spoiler these last few weeks.

Jason Stark’s latest rumblings touches on what if CC stayed, Anthony Reyes, and the Lee for Quentin rumors this past offseason.

Feel good story of the week: San Fran rookie Scott McClain hitting his first major league homer… at the age of THIRTY SIX.

Also in San Fran, their backup shortstop is selling his art for charity.

OK, that should keep you busy until the Road to the Cy Young continues at 2:10pm with Cliff going for win 21, immediately followed at 4:15pm by the Road to Tampa, for as Tony Rizzo declared on The Really Big Show this week… SEE YOU AT THE SUPER BOWL BABY!



R.M. Jennings said...

Nice job with the Photoshop in that last picture. Have those two words ever actually appeared on a scoreboard simultaneously?

Kevin said...

Let's keep the Clowns out of the DiaTRIBE blog shall we? If I wanted to read about the Cleveland Steamers I would check in at the Cleveland Fan blog. Go Tribe and go Steelers.

Cy Slapnicka said...

i think braylon edwards probably agrees...lets not talk about their performance and ruin my day.

according to my wife, i've now jinxed my second team of the year with a flag on the roof....

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