Monday, February 23, 2009

Desert Shutterbug

With the first Spring Training game only two days away, I’m pleased to present the next batch of pictures from Goodyear from the increasingly popular Larry Jones, whose new website can be found here.
As per usual all of the photos are courtesy of Lazy Lightning Media, all rights reserved.

Today, Larry gives us more of the incredible up-close shots that we’ve enjoyed previously, this time presenting Grady, Cliff, and Shapiro – with the Tribe GM looking like some WWII General addressing his troops. He then moves into some pics of the Indians’ new “Utility Players”…you know the ones, Garko and Barfield, patrolling the OF, as well as providing some pictures of infield practice. Finally, he closes it out with some photos of the field in Goodyear to get everyone set for Wednesday’s game against the Giants.

That game, by the way, will be on STO at 3 PM…so set your DVR now.
Enough from me, here we go again:


Cy Slapnicka said...

wow, that field is in the middle of nowhere!

the pics are outstanding, as we've come to expect from larry. if you didn't venture over to his site, do so. a better version of the victor pic and an excellent picture of donnie baseball.

question for the out of towners, can anyone confirm something for me? if i have directv and sign up for the sports package, i get STO and i'll be able to see all the content (including spring training games), just not regular season games. is this correct?

btw, did anyone punish themselves with the 97 WS game 7 last night on ESPN classic? it was like a car accident, i just couldn't look away. Mesa still shit the bed and Tony Fernandez still missed the grounder. However, I realized something...Costas jinxed us at the end of the 8th. I felt like I was watching the Zapruder film and saw the second shooter walk up to JFK and blow his brains out at point blank range! Damn you, Bob Costas!

Baltimoran said...

ive always felt that fernandez has never really gotten much blame for that loss, it all just got heaped on mesa somewhat unfairly...i blame them both equally though:)

don't know how you sat through that...can still remember some drunk kid running up to our table at BW's in Bowling Green saying "hey were gonna go flip cars on main street, wanna come" and we all yelled "YEAAAH"...15 minutes later the entire bar was silent...that drunk kid should be blamed with costas.

Cy Slapnicka said...

re tony fernandez: i guess knocking in the only 2 runs we scored that game will do that for you? nagy was so close to snaring that ball up the middle too.

its funny how much you remember watching that stuff. in the 95 WS recap on the MLB channel it just blows your mind how dominant Kenny was. he was practically stealing bases on pitch-outs while carrying a piano on his back.

Les Savy Ferd said...

dang thats a blue sky. Haven't seen one of those round these parts in... a while. What was it that hafner was quoted as saying about the new spring training digs? That they were 'in some ways' better than progressive field?

Hopefully hafner himself will play better 'in some ways' this year.