Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Lazy Sunday In Absentia

With the New Year upon us, I’ll be taking a break from a Lazy One this Sunday as the traditional image of the New Year as a baby in diapers has taken on a new meaning as The DiaBride and I continue to wait for the arrival of the new baby. Since the due date was New Year’s Day, the one concern that festers is that I’m dealing with some sort of Buster Bluth 11-month pregnancy with the claw marks on the walls of the uterus yet to come…I kid, I kid.

Nevertheless, I’m holding off of compiling the normal Lazy One this week as one never knows when nature will take its course and, though the next few days and weeks are sure to be full of adjustments and less sleep than I already get, I should be able to get up a less time-sensitive post that I’ve been working on as we’ve had some time to stay close to home this Holiday weekend waiting for a little bundle of joy. In the coming piece (and since nothing is happening on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario), I thought it was a good time to touch on some of the lessons that 2009 (and specifically Game 1 of the 2009 Fall Classic) brought into focus the idea that while baseball itself remains a beautiful game, it’s the sport that has become the issue.

Finishing touches still need to be made on the 5,000 word opus that should be coming sometime this week, so until then…Happy New Year and send diapers.

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