Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Are You Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?

5 in a row, 10 of 13 and...4 1/2 up in the Central.

Looking good, Ryan!
Feeling good, Joe Bo!


Mevs said...

Been too long PT.

It feels like the good old days again with a padded lead. I'm finally started to think playoffs again.

One month to go. Just be 1 game better than Detroit for another month....and we get baseball in october.

Vegas Watch said...

By any reasonable metric, Joe Borowski is the best reliever in the American League.

Voltaire said...

I hope the previous post is dripping in sarcasm. He's almost the worst on the team.

But that's besides the point. A good lead in 1st place!

Can I refuse to vote in the pool? Cabrera DOES NOT need a nickname! People, his name is ASDRUBAL! Tell me that isn't cool enough (and after that, explain why).

Voltaire said...

I suppose I can refuse to vote in the pool, since it would fry my laptop, but I want to refuse to vote in the poll, too.

Vegas Watch said...

Very much sarcastic, Voltaire.

rick@waitingfornextyear said...

You sure got something going here, you throw up a picture and get 5 comments, awesome! I'm holding out voting on the nickname until I see another option. Astrocab is ok, but Droob just won't cut it.

t-bone said...

Commenters coming out of the woodwork! Love it!

We're talkin' baseball... INDIANS BASEBALL...... we're talkin' TRIBE!

Paul Cousineau said...

After attending the game last night (27K in attendance...for 2 of the best 5 pitchers in MLB...ugh), confidence is extremely high.

I know I've said it MANY times, but with the rotation going like it is, if the offense puts up 4 to 5 runs a game, the Tribe could rattle off a stretch of 20 of 25 or something ridiculous and just run away with the division.

It's starting to feel like that.

rick@waitingfornextyear said...

I hope that they don't empty the tank winning the division. It would be nice to get an extra day off down the stretch for Fausto.

Cy Slapnicka said...

I agree, Asdrubal is cool enough. Plus, I just don't see how AstroCab works. Where do you get Astro from? Am I missing something?

While Borowski has scared me quite a bit this year, I love seeing how fired up he gets after his saves.

I'm making the trip in for this weekend's games. Anyone know how hard it is to sneak someone into the suites? Is it as simple as bringing them a stub down?

Paul Cousineau said... easy as bringing a few stubs down.

I think AstroCab was born from when we got him. Nobody knew how to pronounce his name and AstroCab sounded like a guy from a comic book

On JoeBo, this is the best description of my feelings about The Big Borowski (from Steve Buffum's B-List at
Can we just say that the idea of Joe Borowski saving a playoff game terrifies me beyond the powers of speech and leave it at that?

And you know what? Somehow, I "knew" he'd get out of it, the same way I "knew" Wickman would save games. It's weird.

But still terrifying.

You know what else? The only person seemingly not terrified by Joe Borowski as closer is Joe Borowski. Which, ironically, is why Joe Borowski IS the closer.

Yeah, that's just about right.

Voltaire said...

The Indians mystify me yet again. The official website states they've been cautious of calling up Miller because of his injury history.

"Oh no! After three weeks of top-notch pitching, Miller is injured! If only we'd stuck with our unreliable relievers all year long instead of letting Miller dominate for the time he was healthy!"