Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If It Takes Puking in the Clubhouse...

Since I don’t have access to any live chickens, I’m following the lead of fictional 3rd Base Coach Pepper Leach (wish I could be wearing a Leach jersey while doing it) and dropping off as many buckets of KFC as I can near the players’ parking lot on my way to the Jake.

Hopefully I run into the Trotter at KFC (meaning he’s not in the lineup) so they can “sacrifice” as many chickens as possible before the game because we’re “looking for some extra power tonight”.

Also, if you’re planning on bringing down golf club covers…you know to “keep bats warm”, the players’ parking lot is at the corner of E. 9th and Carnegie.
See you there.

On an unrelated aside, a DVR (or if you haven’t upgraded…a VCR) Alert as the 2006 Cleveland Browns’ highlight video will be on ESPN on Wednesday (8-15-07) at 1 PM. So if you want to catch the annual rose-colored video that can put a positive spin on ANYTHING to get hyped up for your 2007 Browns, set the DVR/VCR tonight.

If the Tribe bats remain in hibernation tonight, I’ll take it upon myself (having also attended 2 of the 3 Yankee games) to keep my jinx away from this team.

C.C. vs. Bondo tonight.
I'd like to see a couple of these “fired-up C.C.” shots at some point tonight.

Indians Fever…Remain a Believer!


t-bone said...

new lineup tonight. dont know all specifics, but lofton leading off, grady third, pronk fifth.

Ron Vallo said...

New lineup. Same old thing. 14 Strikeouts. Unbelievable.

This team is deader than The Scooter

t-bone said...

just got back. no words.

WCT said...

Ok, Am I the only one that is completely fed up with Eric Wedge's mismanagement of this team??

First he pinch runs for Garko in the 7th inning. There are only like 2 or 3 guys in this lineup that are hitting and he can't afford to be pinch hitting for them that early in the game.

Second, he doesn't send Jhonny up there to bunt in the 9th after the leadoff double??? Everyone in the ballpark knew he was going to strikeout after that first swing. The fact that he didn't even attempt to bunt in inexcusable

Voltaire said...

Having missed the game, let me tell you how surprised I was to check the box score and find out that Borowski blew the game.


Unknown said...

What did ESPN play from 1:05 to 1:30, once the Browns highlights were over?