Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Days Are Here Again

The ledges in Cleveland are decidedly less crowded after yesterday’s win against the Rangers, in which Jake Westbrook looked like the #3 starter the Indians need him to be down the stretch.

So…let’s all take a deep breath and relax.
True, it was only one game, but the falling sky is not as close as we think.

With happiness filling the Friday air, I thought it was a good time to finally throw up a shot of the DiaperTribe’s first game at the Jake from a few weeks ago. He is not wearing his Tribe gear because that bit the dust on the 2nd floor of the garage at the corner of Bolivar and East Ninth Street. The back-up planning was short-sighted in that it wasn’t another Tribe outfit (the Sizemore jersey is still a bit too big), but at least I remembered to pack the back-up outfit.

While I can’t stand it when people force baby pictures on me (“ya gotta see the baaabeee, ya gotta see the baaabeee…”), here’s the Boy Wonder above Pronkville (by the way, his attention is diverted because he's watching the game action on the TV screen just over the photographer's right shoulder).
Also pictured are the DiaBride and some guy that I got to hold my child and stand close to my wife.
No, not really.
The curtain is back and (although the disappointment may be akin to what Dorothy and her friends found in the Emerald City) your humble host has been revealed.

C.C. vs. Johan tonight.
Sign of a pretty good match-up – no last names are needed.
Throw in the fact that most of the sporting public can not only can recognize, but are also excited about the duel, and Friday night plans are set.


t-bone said...

That picture is faaaaaaaaaantastic!

Indians sign RHP Elarton to minor league contract
August 3, 2007

MINNEAPOLIS (TICKER) -- The Cleveland Indians on Friday signed righthander Scott Elarton to a minor league contract and assigned him to Class AAA Buffalo.

Elarton is expected to pitch out of the bullpen for the Bisons.

Elarton was 2-4 with a 10.46 ERA in nine starts for the Kansas City Royals this year. He has a 56-60 career record with 5.31 ERA in 224 games.

Voltaire said...

Elarton's "back"? Wow! While surgery seems to have ruined his season so far, I must say his days with the Tribe showed he was truly THE number 5 starter.

Is Laffey pretty much set in stone for tomorrow's start? I'd prefer to see Sowers return, personally.

Oh, and great pic. ;)

t-bone said...

Hamilton just said Laffey's got his first MLB start tomorrow.

t-bone said...

two words.