Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Triple Your Pleasure

If you haven’t seen the triple play from last night’s victory, here’s the ESPN game wrap page that has the video.

I’m not sure if AstroCab even touched the ball or if he pulled one of those slight-of-hand magician’s tricks where the ball just immediately changes directions and redirects towards 1B. To me, his transfer was the key to the whole thing being pulled off.
Chalk another game-changing moment up for the Droob.

By the way, the Indians lead all of baseball in Quality Starts (6 IP or more with 3 or less ER) with 78, including 11 of the last 12 being categorized as “Quality”.

The white-hot Jake (August ERA – 1.50) and always dependable C.C. (August ERA – 2.50) are scheduled to go for the final two in the Twins’ series.

Anyone else feel like this thing is gaining momentum?


Art McGregor said...

Tribe highlights made it onto SportsCenter last night 51 minutes into the show.

36 minutes after NYY-Tigers .. and about 30 after Braves-Marlins.

That makes sense.

t-bone said...

That was amazing to see last night. We were in that lower bowl, left field corner section with the seats tilted towards the plate (sec 178) so we had a perfect view of it and it wasnt until Cabrera was turning it did it dawn on you that you were watching a triple play. Amazing stuff. The Jake was so dead last night you could literally hear a pin drop before that play, and that got the paltry crowd of 23,000 going through the end of the game. When they showed the replay before going into "Take me out to the ballgame," the crowd chanted ONE, TWO, THREE as each out happened.

* we were hoping that the excuse for only 23,000 for a first-place team on a perfect summer night was the fact that this game was originally scheduled for Thursday, the tickets for last night’s game said Thursday, but the Seattle rainout shuffled things around, removing the originally scheduled Monday off-date causing some “fans” to be unaware of the re-vamped schedule. It’ll be interesting to see how many people show up Thursday vs. SEA for tickets to see Tribe/Twins.

Cy Slapnicka said...

can someone with insider post the Onley article from today about tribe pitching?