Monday, August 21, 2006

Conversations in the Pen

With a nod to Backdraft, Bobby DeNiro, and Donald Sutherland this exchange was overheard between Luis Isaac and the Indians bullpen after Friday's blow-up.

Isaac: Remember Boston, Fausto? Remember what happened?

Carmona: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: What did you do to those leads that were handed to you?

Carmona: It's not fair, Luis.

Isaac: What did you do to that leads?

Carmona: I burned them.

Isaac: You burned them. What do you do in games C.C. starts, Sikorski?

Sikorski: Burn them.

Isaac (addressing the room): And what about the world, fellas? What would you like to do with the whole world?

Relievers (in unison): Burn it all.

Isaac: See ya next year, guys…or not.


Cy Slapnicka said...

I agree. I initially didn't want to say anything, but I guess I'll pile on. I had to reread the last post to make sure you really did reference Backdraft and Sutherland's awful character. I let it slide, but then a whole post devoted to him?

Unknown said...

Well, I wasn't reading when his blog was meaner... but its sounds good.

I still think Carmona will be good next year. Maybe not as a closer... but I have trouble believing that a guy with an ERA of 1.90 in Triple-A can be that bad.

Paul Cousineau said...

Apparently nobody else is a Billy Baldwin fan, is that it? Cy, I believe owns a copy of Sliver, while I know the Nasal Knight has forced me to watch Fair Game a number of times.

Give me a break.
I spent the weekend at Milwaukee Irish Fest and my brain feels like a Sunday night in Senior Year in college - slightly mushy.

You would be surprised the difficulty that I had even typing the Sutherland post, so be happy it doesn't look like a grammatical and spelling mess.

The Straw that Stirs the Drink

Baltimoran said...

Give him a break, as anyone whose been to an irish festival can attest it takes a week for a full recovery

Cy Slapnicka said...

Valid excuse, Irish Festivals have done a number on me as well. I shall keep my negativity focused on the Browns until you recover.

And now that you mention it, Sliver was on cable the other day. And of course I endured Balwdin's awful performance just so I could see Sharon Stone take a bath...."uh oh, nobody's looking...well hello there mister finger, what do you think you're doing..."

Krems said...

Don't believe everything your critics say PC. I loved the Sutherland post and Backdraft is a great flick, with Kurt Russell turning in a great performance, perhaps second only to his portrayal of Jack Burton in "Big Trouble in Little China".