Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lazy, Hazy Sunday

Not much going on for another Lazy Sunday:

Mainly, news that Carmona is going back to Buffalo’s rotation to recapture what was lost in those nights in Boston and Detroit. Hopefully, the organization makes a decision on Carmona and sticks with it.
If his greatest opportunity to contribute is in the rotation, leave him there until a spot opens in Cleveland.
If the bullpen is where his stuff best translates, let him fine-tune his approach to thrive as a reliever, with the opportunity to contribute eventually as a starter.
Carmona started the season with similar expectations to those of Sowers as a starting pitcher and, while he didn’t blow the doors off during his stint in the rotation, he certainly proved that his arm is ML-ready. It could simply be a matter of rebuilding his confidence and finishing off his pitch repertoire to allow Carmona to eventually slot into a top-of-the-rotation starter. Before anyone says that his time for the rotation has passed, let’s all remember that he doesn’t turn 23 until December...which makes him all of 11 months older than young gun Adam Miller.

Socker contributes his wish list for 2007.

Tim Kurkjian presents a comparison of the A’s and the Tribe and how the two teams’ performances in 2006 have confounded the sabermatricians.

And, now off the reservation:
Does anyone else think that Full Count Fernando Cabrera reminds them of Paul Shuey? When Cabrera is on, his stuff is unhittable. But, when his mechanics get out of whack, he’s a disaster. Cabrera may never develop into anything more than a set-up man, but if he can refine his mechanics, his fastball, splitter, slider mix could be a devastating 8th inning.

For those who thought that my love of the Tribe was limited to the ballclub that plays at the Jake, here’s something to disprove that. This news about Tribe Called Quest is some of the best news that I’ve heard in years. Though Q-Tip, Phife Dog, and Ali Shaheed Muhammed won’t be coming close to the North Coast – it’s great news for anyone who subscribes to The Low End Theory.

Denys Reyes signed a 2-year contract extension with the Minnesota Twins, so cross him off the list of possible LOOGY’s for the 2007 Tribe bullpen.

Speaking of the Twinkies, Luis Castillo’s Team Option for 2007 was vested last week when he reached 501 plate appearances for the season, so cross him off the list of potential 2B/Leadoff Hitters for the 2007 Tribe lineup.

Is Pronk’s Legend reaching Bill Brasky proportions?

Caught “Warrior” by Scandal featuring Patty Smyth last night on the radio. For those who have never seen NBA Superstars, here’s the Chuck Barkley video. Anytime that you think that Barkley is inappropriate with his comments, remember what a legend he truly was as a player and cut him some slack.

Tom Mastny, he of the 9 1/3 career Major League innings is now settling into his role, closing games for the Indians. The fact that I’m OK with that could be the most telling sentence for the 2006 season.

I’ve been struggling with a nickname for Mastny, and all I have so far is Nasty Boy Tom Mastny. If he could come out to the music that the WWF’s Nasty Boys came out to, all the better. If Pronk could use his wrestling connections to have Nasty Boy Brian Knobs (a Tampa D-Rays season ticket holder) do a JumboTron intro – that would be even greater.

Any other suggestions for the tall glass of water that's taken over the 9th inning in the wigwam?


Rockdawg said...

"Back in the days on the blvd. of Lindon, we used to kick routines and the presents was fittin'. It was I, the Absract, and me the five Footer, I kick some ass style so step off the frankfurter."

Rockdawg said...

Some solid references lately...from Tribe Called Quest to Sienfeld (I was in the poole) and above all, Barkley in "The Warrior" video on the original NBA Superstars. (not to be confused with Superstars II, which had a Mullin/Hardaway video that was off the chain).

Baltimoran said...

I still show a worn down copy of NBA superstars on the last day of school, kids enjoy it although they have a hard time believing that players actually wore shorts that short

the marlins have been getting some hype lately for being such a young team yet staying in the wild card race. makes me feel good about the tribe actually winning series against good teams after unloading all our valuable veterans and having an average age similar to the fish, should of done it 2 months ago

t-bone said...

the buzz on wknr this morning is that we've got the best record in baseball since august 9th. so that's good, i guess.