Saturday, August 26, 2006


Has anyone noticed how the Incredible Shrinking Chief just keeps getting smaller?

It had become obvious to me in past years that the Indians’ all blue cap featured a smaller Chief, as can be seen on Thursday night on C.C.:

To realize how small he has gotten, how about a look at Eddie Murray in 1995:

Or Ellis Burks as recent as 2003, after the uniform color changes of 2002, when navy blue replaced red as the accent color:

While I have noticed that the all blue cap’s Chief was MUCH smaller, I didn’t notice until last night how small it had gotten on the red-billed cap. Here’s Sowers from last night:

If the Chief keeps up this rate, this could be the next stop:

There’s no mention in the Media Guide section of uniforms about the Chief’s imitation of Pudge Rodriguez, so when did this happen?
Was it so gradual that this was just a progression?

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