Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Expanding Our Horizons

Over at The Juice Blog is a piece that I wrote, in conjunction with site administrator Scott Long, on what went wrong with the Tribe in 2006.

It’s worth a read, just as the site is worth a good long look.
The link to the site has been added to the sidebar.


t-bone said...

way to go PC!

t-bone said...

after posting that prior comment, headed down to the jake for the sweep and my first sowers game. good stuff.

in unrelated news, dont know how many of you were also page2 daily quickie readers, but it's a sad day for us who were.

Paul Cousineau said...

Down 2-1, I was set to pin the loss on LaRue and Kimbrell.

Thank God for Pronk and Jhonny.

Baltimoran said...

great teddy g highlight

Rockdawg said...

The best part of that article was the explanation of why PTC goes by Pat Tabler. I was actually there that day, thank goodness for The Little Indians Fan Club...does that still exist?

t-bone said...

If this is the same thing, they have taken the "Little" out of the name: Indians Kids Club

Paul Cousineau said...

The other great moment on that day is the RockDawg being incapable of speaking in the presence of his idol, Mike Hargrove.

How's that for two little boys' idols - Pat Tabler and Mike Hargrove?

Only in Cleveland.