Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday on the Hot Stove

Lots of Hot Stove League Talk to get to on a Lazy Sunday:

Paul Hoynes hits on all of the high points of rumors to this point.

The most interesting parts of the story include the fact that the Indians wouldn’t play Akinori Iwamura at 2B, but would use him to help Marte at 3B and to play the OF (doesn’t sound like the perfect fit that it once did), that the Indians are likely to add one Japanese arm to the bullpen, that the Tribe wants 2 lefties in the pen (one a veteran, late-inning LOOGY, the other an in-house option), and that Craig Counsell is on the Indians radar, which means that either Hoynes reads Ken Rosenthal or there’s validity to this point.

Speaking of Rosenthal, he lists the Tribe as a suitor for Marcus Giles, among others. It's someting that's been heard before, but Rosenthal looks at it from all angles, not just the Indians.

Terry Pluto quashes that Ronnie Belliard’s Return talk, while exploring the middle infield options.

He also touches on the confusing fact that Kouzmanoff is playing 1B in the Arizona Fall League, giving the Indians 2 young RH 1B in K2 and Garko-my-God-did-you-see-how-far-he-hit-that. Pluto’s answer is that one of the two will be dealt, but the Front Office better be right about which one to keep as either would have to be dealt before Spring Training (as that’s when most deals get done), not giving them the luxury of pitting the 2 in direct competition in Winter Haven.

Pluto also senses (and he usually has someone directing these “senses”) that the Tribe is looking to add that corner OF, probably via trade.

One corner OF option that has been entertained has been Luis Gonzalez, who had lunch with Shapiro. As long as the Tribe doesn’t need to commit to a multi-year deal or a big number, Gonzalez would actually be a good fit, as a RH doubles hitting bat that would slot in nicely between the 3 and 6 holes.

Lots of talk, without any REAL information - but that's what the Hot Stove League is all about.

Sit back, get creative, and wait for the fur to fly.


t-bone said...

PC's favorite subway spokewoman (and Q hostess) is on Deal or no Deal tonight...

Paul Cousineau said...

She's the Mr. Hero pitchman...and GOD is Deal or No Deal a dreadful show.

That's all it is. The DiaBride and I sat there watching it (T-Bone texted me to alert me), in total disbelief that people actually go out of their way to watch that show.

There's no skill, no excitement, nothing. Just an annoying host and long, drawn-out moments of "stress".

Arrested Development gets cancelled and this is in the Top 10 in ratings. Unreal.

t-bone said...

i still have about a half dozen AD episodes i refuse to erase from my DVR. i also taped DorND and will have to check it out after work today.

Cy Slapnicka said...

From the PD...
"The Indians have acquired second baseman Josh Barfield from the San Diego Padres. The deal is expected to be announced this afternoon and could include infielder Kevin Kouzmanoff and right-hander Andrew Brown.

Barfield, the son of former Toronto outfielder Jesse Barfield, hit .280 (151-for-539) with 32 doubles, three triples, 13 homers and 58 RBI as a rookie this year. He stole 21 bases.

The Indians, since trading Ronnie Belliard in July, have had a hole at second base.

Kouzmanoff, who hit the first pitch he saw in the big leagues for a grand slam in September, hit .214 (12-for-56) with three homers and 11 RBI for the Tribe. Brown, who is out of options, had no record and a 3.60 ERA in nine appearances for the Tribe.

The Padres need a third baseman, Kouzmanoff’s primary position. He hit a combined .379 (131-for-346) with 28 doubles, 22 homers and 75 RBI in 94 games at Class AA Akron and Class AAA Buffalo."

t-bone said...

beat me by a minute!

Paul Cousineau said...

Absolutely phenomenal!

THIS is the kind of trade that I was expecting - aggressive and creative.

The Indians dealt from their depth to fortify the big league team.

They didn't even give up a player that figured to be playing in Cleveland next year.


t-bone said...

i think i love the trade, even if kouz goes on to lead the world in batting. to shore up both 2B and the 2nd spot in the order...

also, the padres will have to change the top banner of their website, as barfield, hoffman and gonzalez are on it.

Cy Slapnicka said...

I just hope they extend Pronk soon....otherwise I think he's going to be like Mikey's dad at the end of Goonies...

Pronk: [Ripping up the contract] "They'll be no more signing today or ever again!"

Cut me some slack, Goonies has been on an endless loop on HBO.

Baltimoran said...

i can't go a day without quoting mikey's dad in Goonies

i like the trade, how long is barfield signed for?

t-bone said...

someone on lets go tribe said barfield isnt a free agent for FIVE years!