Monday, November 27, 2006

Rhymes with Moochie

Ken Rosenthal reports that David Dellucci has signed a 3-year deal to join the Tribe.

Dellucci is essentially a platoon OF who crushes RHP. With Michaels crushing LHP, it looks like LF is set with some amalgam of the two.

Rosenthal projects that the Indians will platoon Dellucci and Michaels in LF, play Choo in RF, and move Blake to 1B.

The odd men out, obviously, would be Garko and Gutierrez.
One or both could be used as trade bait to upgrade the bullpen.

Both still have options remaining, so they can always return to Buffalo, but don't be surprised if Garko finds his way to the Angels (to pry Scot Shields loose) or to Pittsburgh (in exchange for Mike Gonzalez).

Gutierrez could find his way elsewhere to fill the need for middle relief as he is now being pushed organizationally by the OF's behind him and the Front Office may see this as the perfect time to get some return for Frank the Tank.

On it's own, this signing doesn't excite too much. If it's a move that allows the Tribe to acquire the bullpen help that's not available on the FA market, we'll see what the second move brings before passing judgement.

Much more to come on the Dellucci signing, as we gear up for next week's Winter Meetings.


Cy Slapnicka said...

well, as long as we keep the bases empty, he'll mash the ball!

Cy Slapnicka said...

So, was reading an article on ESPN and they mentioned this. It really made me wonder if the Red Sox just made the crazy bid for the Matsuzaka to block the Yankees? I mean its a great idea. Especially since the Yankees need pitching. As long as they don't agree on a deal, the Sox don't owe a cent!