Sunday, November 26, 2006

Lazy Throwback Sunday

After another dreadful showing on the lakefront, let’s turn our attention to the Indians (please, anything to forget about the Browns) with a Throwback Sunday:

Paul Hoynes reports that the Indians knew, going into the FA season that the market would be flush with money and guaranteed years. He mentions that Scot Shields is still on the radar to take over as closer, but that the Angels are looking for a substantial package of big-league players and minor leaguers.

Speaking of prospects-for-players deals, WTAM’s Mark Schwab reported yesterday that the Indians were actively pursuing acquiring Manny Ramirez from Boston. What the Red Sox asked for the Baby Bull was merely a package of Adam Miller, Fausto Carmona, and Trevor Crowe – with the Red Sox not picking up ANY of the remaining money on ManRam’s contract.

The response that Theo heard from the Tribe was the dial tone.

The illustrious Roger Brown said goodbye with his last column for the PD in typically dreadful fashion. In particular, he quotes an e-mail from Shapiro that is so full of vagaries and generalities, that you can almost picture Shapiro composing such an e-mail with a smirk on his face.

What’s shocking is that Brown had personal correspondence with Shapiro and failed to ask any relevant questions, asking questions that would obviously result in an easy sound bite.

Nice investigative reporting as usual, gumshoe, you will be missed.

There is a concern that I have with Brown moving on:
How am I going to find out when Mason Unck buys a house in the area?

With throwbacks being the recent vogue for Cleveland teams – some teams (the Cavs) faring better than the original players that filled out the uniforms than others (our beloved Brownies) – the question becomes when the Indians will break out the mid-1980’s uniforms.

Perhaps they’re avoiding them due to the old Indians’ Uprising SI Cover, but it’s time.


Paul Cousineau said...

That is true.

For as much as I would just sit there, shaking my head, while reading Roger - I did always read it and it at least added some intrigue to the PD.

Rockdawg said...

There's no way you could NOT read it, if only to argue how insane his column really was.

Baltimoran said...

thank you to the 2006 Indians for ruining my Thanksgiving...last christmass i made what i thought was a logical bet (I said the tribe would win more games than the yankees and i was given 5 games out of pity) with my wife's young cousin from Utica. my punishment for having faith that the tribe might build on 93 wins was sporting some yankees gear during my turkey dinner...humiliating. i even received a yankees bib for my kid due in january, which i will hold onto for the first diaper mishap.

go bucks

Cy Slapnicka said...

i'm one of those people that never have good xmas ideas for gifts when asked, but i found something cool on the indians online shop....perfect for my deck, a wahoo flag. if i don't receive it, i'll definitely be buying it myself.

hopefully it will inspire a few more victories here, as fans riding the red line south to Comiskey will pass it in its full glory.

i'd get a browns flag too, but i'm worried people might think i like braylon edwards.