Thursday, November 02, 2006

Smoke Signals and the King

As the snowflakes fall, let’s turn up the Hot Stove with some recent happenings:

In a surprise to no one, K2 and Adam Miller won the Indians’ Minor League Player and Pitcher Awards. Interestingly, Miller may follow the same path as the 2005 Bob Feller Award winner, Jeremy Sowers – start at AAA with the possibility of helping the Tribe, if needed, around July/August if he blows away folks in Buffalo as he has at every other stop in his young career.

Billy Dot got busted for PED’s and will sit out the first 50 games of 2007. I’m not sure if this makes me feel better about Mota’s inability to handle the 8th inning. His inefficiency blew the back end of the Tribe bullpen which, among other things, played an instrumental role in a disappointing 2006 season.

While I’m no expert on steroids (picture the “Before” guy in any of those NordicFlex commercials and you’ve got the visual), Mota’s “rebirth” with the Mets may have a final explanation. But when did he start taking them? While he was in Cleveland or when he went to NY, sparking a rise in confidence, or recovery time, or a few extra MPH?

Regardless, the success that Mota experienced in NY won’t earn him any kind of guaranteed money in a contract, which counts for something, I guess.

Let’s all hope that Mota’s locker wasn’t next to any other struggling relievers when he was in Cleveland, particularly those with one strike against them already…I’m looking in your direction, Mr. Betancourt.

For Buster Olney’s take, check out T-Bone’s post from the comments section of the last post.

Pronk and The Stick topped the Elias’ annual player rankings at their respective positions in the AL.

The list of Free Agents is growing and will continue to do so, but here’s the current list. It’s not a real impressive list and, with the new labor agreement in place, there will be a number of bidding wars for marginal players.

The bidding wars could make players like Paul Byrd and Jason Michaels more attractive for a trade. Who wouldn’t want Byrd at $7M the Adam Eatons of the world are going to command $9M-$10M?

The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that the Indians (along with Houston and San Francisco) are interested in acquiring Gary Sheffield after his one-year option (for $13M, $4.5M of which is deferred) is picked up by the Yankees. In a perfect world, this move would make a lot of sense for the Indians, who would add a power-hitting RH hitter and fill the hole in RF (Blake would move to LF) for the 2007 Tribe.

Sheffield, however, has already said publicly that he doesn’t want the Yankees to pick up the option as he feels that he should be playing under a 3-year deal and, if he were traded, would expect his new team to extend his deal.

The stance furthers the idea that Sheffield is a malcontent and a potential clubhouse cancer, regardless of the numbers he is capable of putting up, which are pretty incredible.

One wonders how much the “flaxseed oil” that his buddy Barry sent him will affect his immediate future. Taking his age (he turns 38 on November 18th) into consideration and what seems like a natural fit doesn’t look like such a natural.

If this is the TYPE of player that the Indians are targeting – fantastic…just as long as it’s not THIS player.

With the Cavaliers season underway, be sure to get your tickets to next Tuesday’s game, when they’ll be giving away a LeBron Bobblehead with LBJ in the old CAVS oranges.

It’s actually a pretty realistic King, so get your PayPal ready if you can’t make it.

Personally, I’m waiting for the time that the Q becomes “The Kingdom” and every paper’s headline reads “The King and His Court” or something to that extent when describing LeBron’s exploits. The nickname of King James seems to have disappeared for a while, but it remains my favorite one because of its simplicity and perfection on so many levels.

Finally, did anyone know that Chris Jent is the new Cavaliers’ Assistant Coach/Director of Player Personnel? Yes, THAT Chris Jent.

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Cy Slapnicka said...

i wonder how many rinses with listerine it took timmy D to get the salty taste of witnessing LBJ's package up close out of his mouth?

very poor play at the end of the game, but good to get a win. is it just me, or does anyone else have this awful feeling larry hughes is going to get hurt every time he is involved in a play. i don't mean to or want to. i think browns training camp and baxter's knees exploding have messed with my psyche.