Monday, October 15, 2007

And...We're Back

Lest word goes out that the Witness Protection Program is one person stronger, I have returned from a White Water Rafting Trip today (the plans were made in March, so forgive my shortsightedness) and am elated about the split in Boston with C.C. and Carmona looking more than human.

To paint the picture of watching the game in WV, consider that the DirecTV in the cabin that I was banking on was unable to locate local channels, no internet connection was available (think I was freaking out?), and we had NO idea where we could find the game.

Luckily, we found a restaurant that received local channels…except that they closed at 10PM.
No problem on Friday.

Big problem on Saturday.
Of course, after having been there for two nights, we had befriended the restaurant’s owners, who agreed to stay with us until the end of the game as long as we did not mind if they turned out the lights so they didn’t get in trouble for violating their liquor license by being open.

So, here we are, after 1AM, in a dark bar in West Virginia jumping around the bar, pacing around the tables, generally going bananas until the game was sufficiently out of reach and we could leave a handsome tip to the owners to thank them to head back to the cabin.

Being as excited as all of us were, we didn’t exactly get to bed early nor limit our consumption; which didn’t exactly help at 7AM on Sunday as we pushed our rafts out into the Upper Gauley River with 5 separate Class V Rapids. For those who don’t know what that means (and I didn’t), that is as wild as a river gets and a raft full of tired guys not going at 100% makes for an interesting day.

Nevertheless, fully intact and with all limbs in place, I’m heading down tonight to Game 3 and (seeing as how no more trips to Splitsville, WV…get it…planned), we’re back in the saddle and ready for the ride.

Thanks to T-Bone for manning the wheel of the ship during my absence and for the comments that gave me a chuckle this afternoon.

The red “It’s Tribe Time Now” flag will be waving tonight, but only with my right arm…I can’t raise my left arm over my shoulder.


Cy Slapnicka said...

i almost died in that river along with 5 of my friends. pc, glad to hear you made it back alive. the upper is no joke and pillow rock is my sworn enemy. i looked something like this when i finally spit me out:

Baltimoran said...

WOW!! a 1-2-3 ninth?

peralta's evil (swinging at low and away breaking pitches) twin returned.

Cy didn't mention how a paddle hit him in the mouth and chipped his front tooth like a true west virginian hillbilly.

Cy Slapnicka said...

that was the year before on the lower gauley. i should've known then it was unwise to return. i escaped with my life the 2nd year (i think someone really died on the river that day too) and there will not be a third. in the words of a friend that was in my raft, "i don't care what you say, call me a pussy, i don't care, i was scared"

gauley river 2, me 0. indians 2, red sox 1. i can live with that.