Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hot To Trot

Well lookie who ended up being the hero tonight, none other than the Boston Dirt Dog himself, Trot Nixon.
Yes, I rewound the DVR, paused and took pictures of my TV for those shots.

Not to be overlooked though are the Herculean efforts of Mr. Lewis, Betancourt and Mastny. They combined for 5.2 innings of one-hit ball to shut down the BoSox.

However, since it is now 2:27am, and since I am supposed to be tailgating in oooooh, seven hours, I’ll let the fine crew over at Vegas Watch tell the story. I grounded myself tonight after a late Friday night and what will be a long Sunday (tailgating/Browns game/Sunday night bowling league), so the VW ALCS Game Two Live-Blog had me clicking refresh all night as I watched from home base. Enjoy!


Art McGregor said...

I can't believe I'm still up. After eating about 200 beers at the Varsity Club for today's Ohio State game and last night's drowning of my sorrows ...

I sorta can believe I'm still up.

Go Tribe!

R.M. Jennings said...

I'm getting so sick of Manny Ramirez.

Cy Slapnicka said...

me too. "manny being manny" has gone the way of "it is what it is" and baseball tonight.

davemanddd said...

trot "the rot" nixon for player of the game??? come on. he didn't even play the whole game and got one single plate appearance and was subsequently removed for a pinch runner. he was a pinch hitter who got the hit which broke the tie. so what??? it was only one hit that drove in 1 run in an inning in which they scored 6 more runs. yes, it was a very key hit, but to all of a sudden proclaim trot "the best thing to happen since sliced bread" and thus, want to put him back in rightfield in place of franklin guiterrez is way over the top. didn't the one yankee game prove that too much of trot is a bad thing??? while he did get that home run off roger clemens and later stroked an rbi-double, but let's not forget that he also committed one hellacious error which pretty much put the game out of reach at that point on a play that even most little leaguers can make. you just have to pick your spots with trot and that's it. to put him out there on an every-inning basis would be flirting with disaster. i swear i am getting so sick and tired of all the bandwagon-jumping, both off and on, that we fans always seem to do. case in point, jhonny peralta. if anyone was the star of the game last night, it was jhonny peralta and yet during the season, most fans couldn't stand peralta. all i know is that if peralta doesn't hit his home run, trot doesn't even get in the game to make get that pinch hit, so there!!! anyway, it's back to jacobs field for 3 games where franklin is much more comfortable and should be able to relax and do better and to he!! with all you trot-lovers. might i remind you that he only hit 3 measly home runs in 307 at-bats this year??? those are stats only his mother and wife could love. and don't even get me started on his lack of range on defense. yes franklin is struggling in the playoffs so far, but his 3-run bomb to finish off that 11th inning was the coup-de-grace and will hopefully be a sign of bigger and better things to come during the playoffs. we can only hope. go tribe!!!

Jason said...

I agree that Trot is horrible and his best position is as pie-maker in the dugout. However, let's give him a little credit for coming up with the big hit.

I don't think anyone here wants to see him take over for Frank in RF. I like the OF the way it is and I'm sure most do here too.

I wonder if Kenny Lofton has ever explained to Grady Sizemore how good Sizemore has it. Remember when Lofton was stuck between Belle and Ramirez?

Ron Vallo said...

Ramirez has gone way over the line. It's time somebody did something about his showboating.

I don't PT will mind my shameless self-plugging.

For those of you fed up with Manny check out my latest blog post at

Cy Slapnicka said...

wow davemann, that was some built up hostility. nobody around here is suggesting starting trot and don't include me in your bandwagon jumping. i still don't like trot playing, jhonny's approach or baserunning, and mastny's pitching. however they got the job done and i applaud them for doing so.

bottom line, trot won the game (no matter how you choose to define his rbi). nobody has proclaimed him the best thing since sliced bread, much less unsliced bread. i have yet to meet a trot lover. and while you are tossing frank's salad, realize he hasn't seen a curveball in the dirt he doesn't like this postseason. i don't hate him for it, in fact I really like the tank. but a piling on HR off a cold Lester doesn't redeem him yet this post-season. He's got a long way to go before his ABs stop feeling like Jhonny's ABs circa 2006.

Cy Slapnicka said...

ron, loved the post and pictures. sounds like a job for laffey or fultz if we're not gonna use them for anything else!

Vegas Watch said...

Thanks for the link, T-Bone.

Live blog tonight, if anyone wants to stop by.

Cy Slapnicka said...

Wow, the Indians postseason ticketing fiasco has reached epic proportions. I received an email AT 2:55PM CENTRAL TIME TODAY informing me that game 3 tonight is not sold out and I could go online and buy tickets.

Excuse me? You idiots failed to sell out a playoff game b/c you were too busy being greedy with Stubhub and TicketExchange? Apparently you were too busy raking in service charges for the reselling of tickets to bother releasing the extra tickets. Apparently that money was worth more than making sure you sold out and took care of real fans, not just the ones that could afford broker prices.

Do you even realize how many people I know that would've killed their sister to go to these games but no tickets were made available to them and they didn't want to spend upwards of $90 per ticket for bad seats? I know a guy that wanted to take his dad, but figured he'd save his money b/c he knows world series tickets will be even more expensive. He and his dad are some of the biggest tribe fans i know.

It is beyond me how this is not being covered by the media. Most fans are too drunk with Indians Fever to notice this, but I do. The Indians better pray that this does not become big news after the season. Do they realize that their greed could turn off a fanbase and prevent next year from being a big attendance season? Do any of you realize that they are showing CC to the door if we don't sell enough tickets? I sure hope they make a lot of money off the reselling of tickets, hopefully about $20/mil per year....that about right CC?

All of that said, I'll be there Thursday night. Can't wait.

t-bone said...

Cy echoes the sentiments of most Tribe fans, as I dont think anyone here is really proclaiming Trot Nixon as the savior, or think that Trot should be playing in front of Frank.

That being said, just heard the lineups, and Trot is starting in right tonight. Tom Hamilton's guess is because Frank has swing at a lot of breaking balls in the dirt. I cant say I agree with the move, but I didnt agree with putting in Mastny on Saturday night either.

Anonymous said...

PC- Not trying to give you homework or anything, but if you still have the game DVR'd, I HIGHLY suggest you give the stop'n'snap treatment to Tom Mastny's withering gaze at the Red Sox dugout as he walked off after the 11th. All I have to say is this: It was a great day not to f with Tom Mastny. Tribe, let's go.

t-bone said...

two questions. one, what happened to the pictures to the game 1 recap post? where are they, blogger???

two, where is PC???

putting on some wahoo gear then heading down. i somehow was offered a ticket in a suite tonight. score.