Friday, October 05, 2007

One Down, Two to Go

Words can't describe the atmosphere at the Jake tonight, so while I allow the effects of the Miller Lites and the cockeyed optimism to wear off, allow the look of the Yankee Captain sum the consequences of the evening up better than I:

We needed a Game 1 win and we got it.

It wasn't because of C.C. or anything obvious.
The Indians simply outplayed the Yankees in every aspect of the game and set the tone for the series with a loud and resounding beatdown.

The hand-wringing is already in full effect in the Bronx.

Time to roll 'em up.

Enter Fausto, stage right.


Jason said...

What an incredible win and I do look forward to seeing Fausto's playoff debut tonight.

I find that I just can't dislike a lot of these Yankees as people. The media tried to do it's usual thing about how the Yankees failed rather than the Indians beat them and this is what Torre said in regards to the fifth inning:

It was a similar result as the first inning, when Sabathia issued consecutive one-out walks to Abreu and Rodriguez. Posada followed by striking out and Matsui grounded out to second base to halt the scoring chance. On the night, Posada and Matsui combined to go 0-for-8 with four strikeouts.

"I dont know about trying too hard," Torre said. "They've been down this road before. I think you have to give the Indians credit. For running the pitch count up on Sabathia, he obviously bent, but he didn't break."

Joe, I'm not sure if the media is capable of giving the Indians credit, but maybe if they win this series they'll get thrown a bone. Of course, then they'll just be fodder for the Red Sox. I think this team will do quite well riding the underdog tag.

t-bone said...

I could go on and on about last night's game, but I'll just say that I think that game was HUGE for Fausto's mindset today.

PC, about the only thing you missed out on by being there is the constant poking fun at Lebron about his Yankees "fandom." Sager flat out calling King James a frontrunner to his face was almost my favorite part of the night.

I'm working through lunch today and departing in the 3pm hour, finding a parking spot, and getting into the park early. IT'S TRIBE TIME NOW!!!

Les Savy Ferd said...

Maybe there really is something to this underdog tag because I'm still crazy-nervous. Even with one win in the pocket and only needing to play .500 ball to finish the series. The yankees may not intimidate any of the guys in the Indians line-up (or the Scarecrow, for that matter [PS- how awesome was Perez?]) but their mystique does occupy a tiny, poorly lit corner of my subconscious.

Having said that I am so freaking happy! I enjoyed every moment of last night's game and am once again counting down the hours to tonight's 'diabolical' match-up. Hopefully Fausto's sinker action looks more like Beckett's than Wang's. I realize this is a silly, probably stupid question, but does anybody know if it is 'easier' to mess up one's sinker because of nerves? Because Wang sure didn't cause any ground-outs.

DiaBride said...

Can you please take Jeter's picture off the site. I really hate looking at his ugly mug!