Monday, April 11, 2005

Bats Still Slumbering

The offense wasted a phenomenal outing by Millwood and Riske today by scoring only 1 run. This is not a good sign if Buerhle and Garcia are having their way with this lineup. I got in the car after work, only to hear Podsednik's RBI - to paraphrase Kramer from the Keith Hernandez/JFK episode, "my day was ruined".

I caught the last couple of innings on TV and noticed the revolving sign behind home claiming, "Season Ticket packages starting at $36." Yeah, that's for 6 games up in the right field corner, where you can hardly see the game. I sat up there once, for about two innings with my friend C-Badd, and it was a zoo. Nobody's watching the game, kids are everywhere, and the sound of the crack of the bat reaches you while the team is running off the field after the third out. What a misrepresentation of season tickets.

The offense better wake up, and soon. Before the game (out of 14 AL teams), they're ranked 11th in Average, 13th is OPS, and 11th in runs scored. Time to figure Contreras out and make him wish he was back on a raft halfway between Cuba and the Florida Coast.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of all of us Cuban-Americans out there (and I happen to know your boy C-Badd is half and half), I take offense to the comment made in your post. Many of us had to endure many long, hot days on those rafts (and I happen to know C-Badd's mom had some long, hot nights on that raft) so for you to trivialize our efforts to become Americans is downright unpatriotic.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, based on the c-badd reference, this really is you PC. i take back everything i said in that email you just received (which was slander against you, me doubting that you really were the creator of said website). i didnt realize you knew how to use a computer until this moment, let alone this whole "blog" revolution. i was at said game today, millwood was... the millwood the phillies thought they were getting. without even as much as reading the game recap, a few of my questions:

1) chris widger is still inthe league? this question was backed up by the scoreboard saying his last start was in 2003. i cant remember him in the league since his days in montreal.

2) i'm puzzled by the substitution of ludwick for blake in the 6th or whenever it happened. after i finish typing here i will go to see if casey was hurt or sick or something. casey has grown on me, and the substituion really puzzled me in a 1-0 game, with neither being known as a "defensive specialist".

3) i hate slider, still. and the delivering the first ball little skit did nothing but increase my rage towards the pink thing. i wish he would take a long walk off a short pier. soon.

4) why isn't PC playing softball this year? why???????

5) why are you panicing about the bats a WEEK into the season, mr. diatribe? we are EIGHT days in, seven games.

6) i will fight henny.

7) no jhonny again. i heard them say today that jhoey cora and jhose hernandez were going to get a lot of ABs this first 40 games, but it still weirds me out that they're going about it this way.

8) the wind killed us today. i know both teams had the same wind, but we had 3 HRs killed, them, none, maybe one.

9) i dont have tickets for wednesday yet, but whoever wants to go, look me up. at the very least i'll be there by myself in the cheap seats.