Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Off Day Thoughts

Off day today, which gets me off on a few topics…

…I realize how early it is in the season, far too early to panic; so, I’ll temper my concerns about the offense.

…Eric Wedge continues to state publicly that Peralta is the starting SS, despite two straight starts by Cora. I hope so, and truly believe that Peralta will continue to start. Cora is a nice fallback option, though.

…While watching the Tribe game on Friday night at a local establishment, I spied a middle aged guy wearing a 1970’s throwback Tribe Jersey (blue knit top with the Flintstones writing) at the bar. I had seen the throwback online before and thought it might be worth the investment as it looked pretty cool. That is, until I saw it tucked into the khakis of a slightly overweight white guy killing oil cans of Fosters.

It begs the question: what jerseys are acceptable for wearing without looking like a complete tool. It’s a look that not many white guys in their 20’s-50’s can pull off with much ease. I think that the T-Shirt jersey (and its brother – the long sleeve T Jersey) baseball-wise represents the only safe bet. Otherwise you end up looking like “that guy”, wearing the same tired replica jersey to the same seats at every game you go to because you have to get your money’s worth off of a $200 investment that you can’t wear while doing yard work. I’m tired of seeing Travis Fryman sit 3 rows ahead of me in the mezzanine, regardless of the weather. Even worse is putting your own name on an authentic playoff jersey with your old high school number on it. Trust me, DEL VECCHIO #8 never played for the Tribe.

I got a Cliff Lee T-shirt jersey last year as he blazed to a 10-1 start. After his flameout, I was thanking God that I didn’t go for the MLB replica. It remains to be seen if the Lee jersey will be filed under the Jerry Browne file (quality, even if for a short time), the Odibe McDowell file (truly awesome), or the Reggie Jefferson file (a little embarrassing and destined for Easter Seals pick-up).

The corollary to that is what jersey (assuming anything was possible) you would wear to honor your favorite Indian. If I worked at Mitchell & Ness, I would be printing Pat Tabler jerseys, circa 1988, all day and night. The current Indian that I would get a jersey for is #48, but it would say “PRONK” on the back. I mean, if Ichiro can have whatever he wants on his jersey, why can’t Hafner? I’m still waiting for the late ’80s jerseys to be customizable online. You know the ones that have the blue and red lines up the sides. I’ll stock up with a Tabler, Jacoby, Dorn, Harris (he who puts snot on the ball), and Leach (Pepper, the 3rd base coach from Major League).

If I could customize any jersey, I’d get an Atlanta Falcons #7 with RON MEXICO on the back, but that’s a whole other story. I’d like to hear some other ones, if possible (outside of the obvious Jim Thome warm-up jersey with Chief Wahoo on the right breast).

But I digress…

…now that posting comments has begun, please identify yourself. This is not the Jungle, where self-glossing is forbidden. Whether honoring an Indians great of the past (Chris James, Alvaro Espinoza, Von Hayes, etc.) or giving yourself a ridiculously crude nickname, just sign it in.

…I’ll be in the right field mezzanine seats tomorrow night, 7:05PM – right where I belong.

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Cy Slapnicka said...

Amazingly enough, I had the jersey discussion just the other day. Pronk was discussed, I was informed me that he bought a townhome next to Danny Boys. Its only a matter of time before the breadsticks force a trade. Martinez is a possiblity, as half of MLB has that name. By that rational, "Kemp" might be a good investment for the future.

I'd have to go with classic guys with good last names: Mel Harder, Bob Lemon, Herb Score. Cory Snyder would be great in the 80's jersey. Nagy is a contender, but Pauly Sorrento might have to take the cake. For some reason, that guy had middle age women in heat. I don't get it, but I'd like to understand the phenomenon.

Also, during my googling for an obscure name, I did find the greatest MLB name ever. Unfortunately, he was never an Indian. PC, meet Cyril Charles Slapnicka. Cy, meet the the PC. I am awestruck.