Monday, April 04, 2005

Buehrle Still Has Our Number

Just finished watching the Take 2 broadcast in under 2 hours (gotta love that Westbrook), and Mark Buerhle still owns the Tribe. I hope 2 hits isn't indicative of how this team hits against tough leftys, seeing as how Buehrle and Santana (just to name 2) will probably go against "one to nine" more than a few times this year.
The Peralta error was a tough play, but he should've made it. But PLEASE don't get going on the "Omar would've had it..." Turn the page, embrace this team. Bottom line, the ChiSox capitalized on a leadoff hit in the 7th, while the Martinez 5-4-3 snuffed out the Indians' best chance, also in the 7th.
I don't think that the White Sox can play this "small ball" all year. After Buerhle and Garcia, their starters are a crapshoot and Carl Everett and Paul Konerko are not exactly "small ball" prototypes. Nice idea, but GM Ken Williams doesn't have all of the necessary parts for Ozzie Guillen to pull it off this year, particularly in New Comiskey (or whatever they call that place now).
I really liked the way that Westbrook looked, particularly against a bona fide #1. The infield defense has to be very solid for him to have a great year, which is very possible.

Off day tomorrow, game on Wednesday afternoon.

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