Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Heading West

The Tribe split a pair in KC, thanks to the sudden transformation of Angel Castillo from a light hitting Royal to Albert Belle in his prime (Lee Smith, Troy Percival), and the Indians head to the Left Coast for a 3 game set with the Angels.

I didn't get to see the end of the game, as it was not shown on local TV. After my initial outburst (thinking I would get home to catch the last few innings), I calmed down and got to listen to the mellifluous tones of Hammy.

Elarton started the season on my bad side and he's slipping into Scott Stewart, Chad Durbin territory for me. I know that I should be patient, but it's hard with Tallet tearing it up in Buffalo and JD fighting for innings. I would say by the middle of May, if Elarton hasn't put together some solid outings - it may be back to the scrap heap.

Cliff Lee and Rocky Betancourt were very tough last night. I hope that Lee can build on the strong outing, and the strong starting pitching (Elarton included) can continue.

The D seems to be improving. Even though Boone hasn't yet found his swing, his defense has been strong. Peralta ("Einar's little brother" - Cy Slapnicka) seems more comfortable every day too. But Jelly seems slow at second. His transfer hasn't been the lightning fast exchange of last year. But again, it is mid-April. I will hold serious reservations and comments until the quarter mark of the season.

Here's one vote for The Stick and Belliard to take the braids out to maximize the 'fro factor on the team. Coco's has never looked better, and Grady can't seem to decide if he's on board or not. The addition of Martinez and Ronnie would give an Oscar Gamble look to the lineup.

With the late games of the next few days (sorry 1AM is past my bedtime on a school night), I'll peruse the Media Guide for items of note that caught my eye.

As I write this, Boston just pulled to within 2 at 83-81. Will this collapse become known as a two word descriptor? The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, Joe Table, The Collapse? Why, oh why, am I a Cleveland sports fan?


Cy Slapnicka said...

I've decided, Bartolo now looks like a cross between Heavy D and Fat Joe. He's huge!

Ever read that childrens book about the kid that keeps feeding the goldfish and he outgrows his bowl, then the bathtub, then the pool? Thats Bartolo. I give the Angels 2 years before they have to build a new stadium to fit him. The only thing that could make his appearance better would be if he had a coin slot showing when he pitched. How awesome would that be?

Did you see the way he was looking at Grady Supersizemore? All Bartolo saw was a big pork chop.

Anonymous said...

- stayed up for that loss last night, as the doze said, i forgot just how deliberate Bart is once someone gets on base. you could read a book in between pitches.

- sucks that Jake couldnt get any offense last night, he was on

- i hate this LA Angels of Anaheim thing.

- nothing against Jhonny, i like Jhoey's brother more and more by the day.

- "the team" is 1-0 (click my name above for explanation).

- RFK Stadium is... a 40-year-old cookie cutter stadium. Concessions were the worst part, but i assume they'll straighten that out by my next visit (a month from now for another godd@mn wedding). DC certainly has baseball fever though, and that's good to see. They'll have a new park in 3 years that will be the latest hotbed of MLB activity. still hate their uni's though.

- what got into the ChiSox? they won again today. best start since 1935.

- Pax just got the ax, and deservedly so. Made some good moves, but more bad ones that outweighed the good. Wouldnt care too much, but somewhat sad to see a Flyer go.

- All things considered, if the Cavs win ONE of the games they gave away, they're at least getting 4 playoff games out of it. that 0.8 second inbounds play tip-in vs. the Nets in December is the biggest kick in the balls though at this point.

- ok, gotta get out of here for coed game (the "other" team)