Sunday, April 17, 2005

Taking One for the Team

Pronk's HBP let the Indians FINALLY win a run one game against a division opponent. C.C. looked great today - getting ahead of hitters by throwing strikes. His pitch count hit early though as he seemed to be trying to punch everyone out as opposed to letting his teammates do some work for him. He still seems emotional, at times, on the mound. Whether that means a real long look into the ump after what he thought was a strike (a quick way to endear yourself to the home-plate ump) or yelling at himself after letting one hang (the last LeCroy at-bat), C.C. continues to wear his emotions on his sleeve. Whether that becomes something that he and the team can feed off of, or it becomes a distraction, remains to be seen.

I saw the C.C. "fan club" in the bleachers posting "K"'s for C.C.'s strikeouts. Is there no originality in Cleveland? At least post "C"'s! How is this obvious only to me?

Matt LeCroy facing Wicky to close the game was weird. It was like that fight in Lord of the Rings (Fellowship, I think) when the two wizards who look very similar are going after each other and the only way to tell them apart is the color of their clothes.

I hope that Wedgie finds a lineup to his liking soon. So far, I haven't seen one that I really like. Today's was the closest to feeling right and they barely scored 2. This is an issue that needs to be resolved. Seeing Hernandez 3 or Boone 4 is making me nervous.

Tough break for Matt Miller, who has been very efficient in this short season. It turned out to be a numbers game. My bet is that if Sauerbeck had options (or was remotely hurt) he would've been the one leaving the pen.

As has been noted on the Cleveland Indians Report and Indians Compendium (two of the Cool Links), Ben Sheets' contract (and maybe Chris Carpenter's) could serve as a nice prototype for contract talks with the Crooked Cap.

If you ever want to know anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, happening on the farm- check out the aforementioned Cleveland Indians Report. John Farrell could be writing the CIR. It's that detailed and complete.

Only about 37,500 fans attended two afternoon weekend games on the most beautiful weekend of the young year. Did someone say Browns' Town? I guess there were only 6 more days to finish Kiper's Draft Guide.

Next up is 2 in KC, where the Indians can play some early catch-up on the division leaders. Then an idiotic 5 day trip to the West Coast. Who schedules these games, some morons in Pittsburgh? This year, yes.

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