Saturday, March 28, 2009


Greetings, DiaTribers! With our fearless leader Paul out in Arizona, T-Bone dropping in for a brief prelude to a Lazy.

Original intentions today were to simply share the latest batch of spring training bliss from Larry Jones @ Lazy Lightning Media, but we have developments today in the battle for the 25th roster spot.

The Tribe today optioned both Trevor Crowe and Chris Jiminez to C-Bus, leaving Josh BARField and Tony! Toni! Tone! Graffanino to duke it out for that PIVITAL 13th roster spot.

Quickly jumping around the interweb, Castro suggests the job may already belong to BARField, while Andrew Humphries’ over at LGT is campaigning loudly for Barfield so he can take home first in his office pool.

Regardless of who wins, this move unfortunately secures The Looch’s spot on the roster to start the season. Crap.

Now onto the eye candy as it’s time for this guy to take a cat nap with the soothing sounds of Harry Kalas and Phillies/Pirates in the background (thank you, MLB Network). See you tomorrow for the Lazy!

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