Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nighttime Baseball in the Desert

While I may be no longer basking in the desert sun, that doesn’t mean that Larry Jones of Lazy Lightning Media has stopped snapping some goodness in Arizona. He was at the Monday “night” game and caught some shots of Pavano, Cabrera in various stages of play, Hafner (not the HR…some shots that are less than encouraging), Mr. Show Pack and his tools of ignorance, Smith coming from down below, and Betancourt doing what he does…taking…his…time:

As usual, all images are the property of Lazy Lightning Media.

I’ll put some of the pics up that we took while out in AZ and, while they obviously pale in comparison to what Larry has treated us to, they’ll be a nice complement to the piece from Monday.


s_bricker said...

Very fun batch!

i really like the 1st betancourt one. some great ones of droobs. the one with hafner watching the catcher jumping is fun as well.

i tell you what, i have felt like i was there this spring.

Cy Slapnicka said...

If you haven't gotten the Indians Annual 2009, go get it! I received it as a birthday gift and love it. I'm still working through it, but the article by Chris Satullo is outstanding!

This will be glued to my coffee table all summer. Know what would be really cool? Online access to the player profiles and stats so nerds like me could look them up on our phones while at games or on our laptops.