Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun in the Sun from SLewis to Kerry

The Spring Training games roll on and our boy Larry Jones of Lazy Lightning Media was there on Sunday afternoon for the Indians’ tilt with the Brew Crew. In this installment of wildly colorful action shots, we are treated to Scotty Lew in action, a shot of the Shoppach bomb literally milliseconds after it leaves the lumber, Les Moulins Beaux taking a cut with The GateKeeper looking on in what I hope to be a harbinger of years to come with those two sitting in the middle of the lineup on the North Coast, some shots of Prince getting buzzed, then knocking one out, and finally our goateed hero in the bullpen.

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Unknown said...

Hey Paul I love your site and especially the nicknames. One problem is that I can't always keep up who you're talking about. I think you should keep a glossary of your player nicknames. By the way, who is Les Moulins Beaux?

Paul Cousineau said...

Ironically, I was working up just such a glossary that I'll probably post later this week. I try to do it once a year (though I should probably do it more often) as sometimes I forget that I'm writing for other people to read and write things that amuse me or make sense to me that doesn't make a lick of sense to others.

Les Moulins Beaux = Beau Mills

Cy Slapnicka said...

So, did anyone watch the MLB Network 30 teams in 30 days preview of the Tribe last night? I've not been watching the specials, but watched the one on the Tribe last night.

Wow, with their access and with all the time they've had to prepare that channel and the talking heads, I cannot believe what a poor showing that was.

I like the fact that the network has HR and to be honest, haven't watched a ton of MLB channel programming, but that was just awful.

I felt like they were all competing to get their points in, changing the subject at random and going in directions that didn't make sense. Victor Rojas is pathetic at leading that crew of idiots (that seemed like his role, maybe b/c thats where carl ravich sits?). The most positive thing I can say about Joe Magrane is that I didn't feel he spent enough time talking for me to form a terrible opinion of him (but given time, am confident I'd hate him). And Dan Plesac, you are the MLB Network's answer to John Kruk. Just a belligerent idiot offering no value but always reminding us you played, in case we forgot.

At the end of the show I thought about the Billy Madison quote, "what you just said is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. At no point in you incoherent rambling response..." Thats not a good thing, especially considering they had an awful lot of time to prepare those shows, they have excellent access to the subjects, and these talking heads are allegedly "experts". At no point did I learn anything unique or hear any viewpoints that I haven't read from a number of different places, including here.

We all talk about St. Peter not just b/c of his access and scoops, but b/c of his unique viewpoints, talking about interesting ideas that perhaps we haven't thought of. HR was always fun to listen to b/c he'd help you understand things from the players perspective that you wouldn't necessarily think of as a casual fan. This show offered none of this. I know its Spring Training and there isn't a lot to talk about, but everything about the composition of the show screamed "amateur hour".

In fact, the only thing it did offer was a terrifying interview with Travis Hafner where he seemed 50 lbs lighter and had zero confidence he'd be ready for opening day. My god, if his answer there wasn't telling, I don't know what is. I am not comfortable with him anymore. And Shapiro's quite in Crasnick's column does little to comfort me. Yet, they didn't follow up on this? Pronk practically wet his pants when asked if he'd be ready for this year!

And finally, you're talking to the F-ing Cy Young winner, the same one that practically flipped the bird to his fans at home and was practically dumped in the garbage heap. And you start in on the subject of 2007 vs 2008 and had absolutely no balls to ask real questions? Why bother even bringing it up?

How disappointing. I'm not writing the network off yet, but what a poor showing yesterday. Its like they don't realize the void that exists for a good baseball show and the opportunity available to them to lock up dedicated viewers!?!