Monday, March 02, 2009

Goodyear Goodness

Another couple of games in Goodyear, another batch of amazing Spring pics from Larry Jones at Lazy Lightning Media, this time including photos of Zachson in the middle of his wind-up, a symmetrical Sowers looking pencil-thin, Peralta in full extension, and Garko visibly grimacing after a swing-and-a-miss among some other shots of game action from Sunday followed up by snapshots of the events of today in Goodyear with Laffey dealing, The GateKeeper staring down his next victim (which may be my favorite of the bunch), The Frisco Kid flailing, and a couple of Venezuelan shortstops, past and present.

Spring Training rolls on, as do the pictures to accompany it...if only to allow you to forget that the wind chills are below zero on the North Coast. Nevertheless, here are pictures from a much warmer place than from where I sit:

All images are property of Lazy Lightning Media, all rights reserved.


s_bricker said...

i can't get enough of these.

Caryn said...

Seriously, these are amazing. I think the depth of the color is my favorite part. They just look so rich. Even though Francisco is whiffing, that shot is awesome with the way the ball is just suspended in the air. It seems like he has time to go back and swing again.