Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Weeks Notice

While I gently weep the exits of both Dayton and Cleveland State from the Madness of March, the fact that the Opener in Arlington is a mere two weeks away buoys my spirits a little. Helping to put me in a better mood, Larry Jones of Lazy Lightning Media comes through yet again with some fantastic pictures from Goodyear, starting with some Indians’ heavy hitters – I hate to say this, but maybe past, present, and future – in various stages of their swings. They’re all great action shots…that is, until you spot where Hafner’s batted ball is in the picture after what looks like a full swing.

From there, we go to a crazy looking shot of Anthony Reyes with a wildly unnatural arm position (chronic arm trouble…what chronic arm trouble?) mid-windup as he prepares to sling the ball towards home until ending with what is one of the best shots that Larry has shared with us, a centerfield shot of Jeremy Sowers’ going low and away.

As usual, all images are the property of Lazy Lightning Media, all rights reserved.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't pass along a piece that I wrote on the Atom Miller finger injury but for some reason failed to post to the site (despite it being loaded and ready to go late last week); regardless, here it is published over at TCF.

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